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Cake Explore & Commute

The working bench, around since ever, to serve people making things, is the inspiration to the uni-bar, clamp-on, off-the-grid system, constituting the ÖSA. The Ösa and Ösa+, apart from being a light, clean and quiet electric motorcycles, derive from the diversity of work and differentiated needs together with the urge to serve for new means of transportation, towards a zero emission future.

The obligation to change, to avoid an environmental melt down is shared by all and everyone. It will drastically change the way we act and behave. Transportation is one of the evident ones, where combustion vehicles are being replaced by electric, where gasoline and diesel are being banned and cars will be gone from the city streets.

The variety of work and need for transportation has never been greater. The needs in terms of what to bring and carry along is a palette, from the office worker to the craftsman. The roads towards destinations vary from highways to trails. The electric and modular utility commuter with off-road capabilities and integrated power station. Thanks to the powerful battery with multiple outlets, it’s about a power station on wheels, taking you to wherever to execute, independently of the grid.

CAKEs mission is to contribute to speeding up the transition towards a zero emission society, combining excitement with responsibility. Developing light, quiet and clean electric off-road performance bikes, requires a cross-scientific approach to sustainability. To promote the competence and guidance needed in terms of sustainability, in the areas of clean technology, ethical conduct, circularity and life cycle perspective, to the benefit of people and the planet.