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Ergonome is a producer of ergonomic desks that guarantee comfort during work or study. Ergonome desks are perfect for both – home and office work. They are designed and made with the utmost attention to the smallest details, and the materials used will meet the requirements of even the most rigorous customers.

The company’s offer includes a wide selection of desks. Each desk can be configured according to the client’s expectations and needs. Ergonome also offers all the necessary accessories that allow you to personalize your workplace – additional mounts for monitors, tabletop sockets or induction chargers.

The Ergonome brand in cooperation with SunRoof – a pioneer in the photovoltaic technology market, has created a unique edition of desks that not only look great but will also satisfy even the most demanding customers. In response to the challenge that the photovoltaic industry is facing nowadays, which is the recycling of panels, the brands decided to create a one-of-a-kind desk with the top made out of used solar panels.

Desks created in cooperation with SunRoof are comfortable, ergonomic and, above all, ecological. Desk frames are electric and the height of the tabletop can be easily adjusted.

The control panel with memory function makes changing the working position smooth and quick. Its top speed is up to 40 mm / s. The adjustment range of the desks varies from 625 mm to 1275 mm. The maximum load on the tabletop is 120 kg. It is also worth adding that Ergonome desks have a 5-year warranty!

In addition, when you buy a desk Ergonome by SunRoof, you get a special discount on the purchase of the SunRoof solar roof, and 10% of all desks from the SunRoof and Ergonome line will be donated to the MaYa Foundation that is supporting education in Africa.

You will receive a free hour of business consultation with Marek Zmyslowski and a thank you letter with a support certificate from MaYa Foundation.

Ergonome by Marek Zmysłowski
Electric lift desk set
Oak + accessories

6.999,00 zł

Ergonome by Marek Zmysłowski
Electric lift desk set
Plywood + accessories

4.999,00 zł

Ergonome by Marek Zmysłowski
Electric lift desk set
Plywood II + accessories

3.599,00 zł

SunDesk by Sunroof
Electric lift desk set
Solar panel + accessories

2.999,00 zł