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Ra Optics is a brand that sets trends on the market. Not only has it created the world’s first and only premium sleep glasses, but it is also responsible for creating alternatives to computer glasses that block harmful blue light 30 times more than traditional computer lenses.

Ra Optics products are distinguished by the high quality of workmanship.

Ra Optics lenses have been designed in cooperation with the best experts in this field with the usage of the most advanced technologies available on the market, including patented blue light-absorbing pigment technology.

The lenses are saturated with a mixture of pigments that give daytime glasses their characteristic yellow shade, and night glasses – red shade. Daytime lenses block as much as 95% of harmful blue light, and night lenses block 100% of artificial blue and green light. Ra Optics glasses ensure that your sleep and circadian rhythm are not disturbed.

Each frame is handmade with the greatest attention to detail. Materials such as Italian acetate and German metal are used in the production of Ra Optics frames. The frames are light, durable and less harmful to the environment because they are made of renewable raw materials.

In addition, the lenses are made of the highest quality polymer, which makes them light and resistant to scratching and cracking.