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Red Snake

Red Snake is a heating system for a modern home. The brand takes the environmental impact of construction seriously. It is committed not only to providing the most innovative and consistent technologies, but also to share knowledge in the field of ecological, and at the same time economical and convenient construction.

The Red Snake heating system combines two technologies: heating films with a photovoltaic installation, supplying heating with energy from the sun, operated with just one click from the application. This solution allows not only convenience and savings on electricity bills, but also the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The brand’s slogan is “We share warmth from nature”. Red Snake heating is now present in over 2,000 homes all over Poland, providing heat that uses renewable energy sources.

When planning the construction of a house, it is worth choosing solutions ready for the future: respecting the changing, more and more stringent construction standards, compatible with the latest energy management solutions, supporting electromobility.

The carbon fiber heating foil is laminated with two layers of hard foil. The foil is powered directly, which eliminates the use of moving parts, hydraulics, pumps, valves and any other elements of heating systems that need to be repaired or serviced over time.

Excluding mechanical damage, the Red Snake heating system is failure-free, which is confirmed by the manufacturer’s 25-year warranty. Each offer is based on an individual project and depends from several construction parameters.