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The ŠKODA SUPERB iV conceals an advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain combining the best of electric and conventional cars for an eco-friendly yet dynamic drive.

The ‘i’ in the name of the new label symbolises that ŠKODA iV models are ‘innovative’ and ‘intelligent’, offering tailor‑made mobility solutions. To commute to work in the city in silence and comfort, use the electric drive with a WLTP-verified range of up to 62 km, which releases no emissions into the streets. For longer business trips, out-of-town excursions or holidays, you’ll appreciate the petrol engine and 50 litre tank with a range of up to 930 km. The drive system combining a petrol engine and electric motor delivers maximum system power of 160 kW and torque of up to 400 Nm. All of this with CO₂ emissions of less than 40 g/km.

The SUPERB iV’s battery can be recharged from the mains after connecting a charging cable. A flat battery can be recharged in 3 hours 30 minutes with a 3.6 kW wallbox. Another possibility is to recharge or maintain the level of charge in the battery while driving, using the petrol engine and brake energy recovery.

The infrastructure for the operation of electrified vehicles is growing day by day. The MyŠKODA Powerpass card means there are no problems making payments to different operators. If you charge your car at home overnight, you will save on costs because of the advantageous tariffs offered by energy operators.

The built-in eSIM ensures that you are always online and, in conjunction with ŠKODA Connect’s new Remote Access services, allows you to control battery charging, or turn on the air-conditioning before a drive, remotely with a smartphone.

Despite the installation of the battery in front of the rear axle, the ŠKODA SUPERB iV remains an impressive executive car with exquisite comfort for all passengers and a big luggage compartment. The 485 l boot capacity offers outstanding practicality and great utility.