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Volkswagen Passat GTE

Combining sportiness with a plug-in hybrid drive gives the Passat a completely new personality, which is aptly described by the acronym: “GTE”. The Passat GTE battery provides an electric range of 59 kilometers.

Apparently there is no button that makes you feel good. Now you have it. Purely electric drive or a combination of electric and petrol engine – you can decide with one button. In GTE mode, the power of the two units is combined, and the hybrid Passat GTE develops its maximum output of 160 kW (218 hp) and takes on an even sportier character. You will feel it immediately after the accelerator pedal response and steering characteristics. This is often accompanied by the driver’s shouts of joy.

The design of the Passat GTE is elegant and unique. A prime example is the front end with a dynamic radiator grille and standard LED headlamps with expressive graphics. In addition, the streamlined silhouette, clean lines, blue brake calipers and GTE badge give it a sporty style, accentuated by the standard 17-inch Montpellier light-alloy wheels.

Get in and enjoy freedom: the spacious interior of the Passat GTE is a successful combination of stylish elegance and functional organization. Horizontal decorative applications on the dashboard combined with the doors visually expand the space. The exclusive impression is underlined by the long center console with ample storage space and the comfortable seats upholstered as standard in fabric with blue accents.

The optional ACC active cruise control with automatic speed and distance control responds – within the system’s limits – to speed limit signs, built-up signs, curves, roundabouts and intersections by adjusting the driving speed to them. At speeds of up to 210 km/h, it can also help the driver to maintain a proper distance from the vehicle in front.