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Volkswagen Touareg R eHYBRID

Today, success and achievements are defined primarily by acting responsibly. The new Touareg R eHYBRID with plug-in hybrid technology is the most powerful Volkswagen ever and, like the record-breaking ID.R racing car, brings sporty performance and excitement from the racetrack to the road.

With a system output of 340 kW (462 hp), it is the most powerful model in the Volkswagen portfolio. The Touareg in its electrified version is available with a new drive, which uses a V6 combustion engine cooperating with an electric battery. The Touareg R has a clearly sporty driveline and equipment.

The Touareg R hybrid powertrain consists of a 2,995cc V6 turbocharged 250 kW/340 hp V6 gasoline engine, a 100 kW/136 hp electric motor and a 17.9 kWh lithium-ion battery under the boot floor. The hybrid Touareg R can move up to speeds of 135 km/h solely thanks to the electric motor.

With the new flagship, you can move around the city in elegant style, almost silently and without local emissions, while enjoying the full power and dynamics of a hybrid drive outside the city.

With a sufficiently charged battery, the Touareg R eHYBRID always starts in electric mode and can reach a speed of 135 km/h. In hybrid mode, the interaction between the combustion engine and the electric drive is optimized, especially with active navigation.

The Lapiz blue color characteristic of the Volkswagen R makes it possible to say from a distance that this is a sports model. New bumpers and elegant black details such as the radiator grille, air intakes and decorative moldings also signal their sporting character.

Even the exterior mirror housings and molding on the front fenders and doors emphasize sporty ambitions. The R logo on the radiator grille and boot lid makes it clear that we admire the most powerful Volkswagen ever.

In the city, in the evening on a country road or in bad weather on the motorway – the Matrix IQ.LIGHT LED headlamps adjust the intensity and range of the light emitted by the LED modules to the traffic situation. Thanks to Dynamic Light Assist, the high beam does not dazzle other road users, the road is better illuminated and reflections from road signs are minimized. With IQ.LIGHT headlamps, the new Touareg R looks great both during the day and after dark.